North West Durham Battalion - 5th Blackill

Anchor Boys, Tuesday 17:30 - 18:30
Junior Section, Tuesday 17:30 - 19:00

Captain :- Neil Moffett

Website :-

Church :- Blackhill Methodist Church

Notes :- The 5th North West Durham Company (Blackhill) was enrolled at Blackhill Methodist Sunday School under the captaincy of Thomas W. Henderson. This company lapsed in 1965. The 18th North West Durham Company was enrolled at Park Road Methodist Church on 20/2/68. These two companies amalgamated under the company number of the 5th as a Junior Section at Blackhill Methodist Church, Durham Road in 1969 under the captaincy of George L. Inglis.

Currently we run an Anchor Boys and a Junior Section, with a staff of eight officers many of whom have more service in the Brigade that they would care to be disclosed! Membership remains consistent at around a dozen in each section and we participate in all activities that officers’ work commitments allow. Recently some  of the Junior Section members have gone to camp with the 2nd Consett Company.

We don’t win competitions often but believe very much in the old adage "It’s not the winning…."