North West Durham Battalion - 2nd Consett

Anchor Boys, Monday 17:45 - 19:00
Junior Section, Monday 18:00 - 19:45
Company & Senior Sections, Monday 19:15 - 21:00 and Tuesday 19:00 - 21:30

Captain :- Colin Carroll

Website :- 2nd Consett

Church :- Consett Methodist Church

Notes :- ‘Bob’ Birtle and ‘Matt’ Atkinson served in the Great War together, being members of the 19th (Service) Battalion, Northumberland Fusiliers, (2nd Tyneside Pioneers) from January 1915 to June 1918. Bob was discussing with Matt in 1925 of how he had come across a wonderful movement – The Boys’ Brigade. His Company was enrolled on 23rd March 1926. He was so enthusiastic that Matt decided to form a Company, and on the 24th November 1926, the 1st Consett Company was formed. The uniform of the boys consisted of a pillbox hat, haversack and belt.

On the 3rd November 1927, a Battalion came into being with 7 Companies, which in the 1928/29 session became 15 Companies. After the 3rd November, Companies took Battalion numbers, and we then became the 2nd North West Durham (Consett) Company.

The company has enjoyed an unbroken run of over 80 years of not stop service during which time many boys and men have passed through the ranks. The 2nd Consett has seen many King's and Queen's Badges presented as well as a number of officers who have undertaken KGVI training,

The company has won the Battalion Colours and the Harrison Trophy on a number of occasions and has also competed in and won the Boys' Brigade national competitions.