North West Durham Battalion - 11th South Moor

Anchor Boys, Monday 6pm
Junior Section, Monday 6pm
Company and Senior Section

Captain :- Kathleen Robson

Website :-

Church :- South Moor Methodist Church

Notes :- The Company was formed on 23rd November 1931 with Jack Kilkenny as Captain, with the first enrolment service taking place on 24th April 1932 when seven Officers, two Sergeants and 25 boys were enrolled as the 11th Oxhill Company. In 1978 the Company moved to South Moor Methodist Church following the closure of Oxhill Chapel and became known as the 11th South Moor Company under the Captaincy of Bill Hall.

The Junior Section, or the Life Boys as it was originally known, was started shortly after the BB Company. It’s leaders have included George Sharp, Fred Westwater and Les Callaway.

The Anchor Boys of the company was started in 1977 by Ms Ann Westwater and Mr Bill Nowley. Other leaders have included Doreen Calloway with help from Sharon Randell, Claire Hall and Elisabeth Stephenson. Camping has always been a high-light of the company’s activities, originally with the Battalion and latterly smaller company camps at Bamburgh Pooley Bridge and Marske.

Since the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the company has been saddened by the loss of Jack Kilkenny, Les Calloway, Bill Nowley, Bill Hall (Captain for 32 years) and Adam Wilkinson.